ERP Software

30 years expertise in
the industry
Since 1987, InfoMaster has
evolved to meet challenges
in technology thus
protecting your investment


InfoMaster ERP Software

InfoMaster ERP solution is designed for the Trading, Distribution, Construction and Project Services industries.

With InfoMaster ERP you can easily:

  • Gain real-time visibility over your entire business; with central dashboard feature for management inquiry
  • Reduce repetitive data entry and improve productivity with our task based approach; with integrated inventory financials, sales, purchase and project information
  • Access your business data from the internet; with 24/7 convenient access
  • Reduce data entry time by seamlessly integrating different modules; with simple and user friendly interface

About InfoMaster

InfoMaster is an online, real-time, integration ERP solution that allows companies to manage their finance, inventory, sales, purchases, distribution, project and production information easily. This results in better decision making and improved visibility throughout your company. We have:

  • More than 25 years of expertise in meeting your technology needs in the industry
  • Solutions catering to the unique needs of varied industries – distribution, construction, warehouse management, shipbuilding and project services
  • InfoMaster ERP is designed to be easy to implement, easy to use and cost-effective
  • We protect your investment by designing solutions that grow with your business
  • Our ERP solution help you to focus on your business processes instead of spending time managing an IT ERP system