Accounts Receivable Features

Main Function

Description of Features

Master • Maintains a complete customer data base
• Captures the full particulars of the customer
• Maintains person contact/s of customer
• Support multiple debtor control accounts
Transaction • Allows registration of cheques for future updating
• Allows entry of invoices, receipts, credit notes, credit balances and adjustment
• Allows contra with A/P invoice
• Allows contra with credit balance (deposits)
• Define invoices on hold/ release
• Support multiple bank in multiple currencies
• User defined currency codes and daily exchange rate
• Accept partial receipt, full receipt and over-receipt
• Auto application of cheque received to offset multiple invoices
• Support bank charges in foreign and/or local currency
• Automatic exchange gain/loss computation upon payment receipt
• Automatic handling of un-realized exchange gain/loss on a monthly basis
• On-line / real-time update of information
• Auto update project information (with project costing module installed)
Inquiry • Maintains a complete A/R history for current, last and past year
• To identify key sales accounts and ranking
• Management summary of A/R and A/P status for side-by-side comparison
• Display summarized information to provide management a better overall picture of the entire sales and receivable status
• Provide on-line summarized ageing as well as detailed outstanding bills to assist accounts receivable staff in handling all incoming as well as internal inquiries efficiently
• Analyze outstanding invoices in 5 ageing fields i.e. current, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and above 120 days
• Drill down facility to allow viewing the source entry of an outstanding invoice
Reporting • Up to 70 reports to be printed as and when required
• A/R Status report (local and foreign currency), Statement of Account printing, cheque register listing, sales ranking report, outstanding bill exception report, outstanding bill report, G/L report, Transaction analysis, Ageing analysis and customer master detail listing
• Provides adhoc report printing to facilitate management reporting needs
• Printing by selection criteria
• Full report preview before printing
Optional • Thin client browser based access to InfoMaster System (requires appropriate hardware, licenses, third party software and internet connectivity)