Batch/ Lot Number Tracking

Batch/ Lot Number Tracking Module – InfoBatch

InfoBatch tracks all Batch/ Lot Numbers for Batch Control Management

InfoBatch Batch/ Lot Number Tracking system manages an unlimited amount of batch numbers from the time they are received into inventory (at Goods Receipt Stage) until the time they are issued. This information is permanently recorded in the system, allowing inventory control personnel access to a wealth of historical and validation information. With close and accurate monitoring, you will quickly identify parts of a batch that is delivered or still in stock. The information maintained by InfoBatch system is extremely helpful when identifying which batch the items belong to in cases where there is a problem with a certain batch number or when identifying which batch needs to be delivered first. This allows you to take necessary action for a more efficient batch control management.

Get detailed history of each Batch/Lot

InfoBatch’s Lot number tracking provides a detailed record of each Lot – when it was received, who is the supplier, how many items were purchased in the batch, what is the Supplier Invoice Number, which customer bought it, when it was bought, what is the Invoice Number, how many did the customer buy, etc. Batch number tracking is beneficial to any business in the following industries:-

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Fabrics, Textile
  • Food, Perishables
  • Regulated commodities
  • Scrap
  • Paint, Ink and Liquids
  • Products with a limited shelf life
  • Electronic Components
  • Wire, chemicals, or other products for which multiple spools or containers are tracked

Increase your efficiency through batch control management

With a more efficient method of tracking your batch numbers, the inventory and logistics department will be able to immediately identify the status of the item. There will be no more endless searching through filing cabinets or manual records for warranty status information, saving you both time and money.

Enhanced Features for Better Control

You can search by Batch Number, Product Code, Vendor Code or Customer Code. The InfoBatch search criteria is both flexible and easy to use.

• Automatically generate batch numbers upon goods receipt or enter your own batch numbers with ease
• Assign batch numbers to items during or following receipt of goods
• Easily assign batch numbers during or following the delivery of goods
• Batch numbers can be entered/sold randomly or all at once
• View batch numbers related to Items received or transfered and/or sold
• Easily integrate barcode reader for items w/batch number barcodes (Optional)
• Report on batch number activity by date, product, customer, vendor or batch number
• Trace a batch number from the system with ease

Flexible Report Printing

Batch Number reports can be printed to show Batch Number information by Customer, Vendor, Batch Number or Product code. Both sold and unsold items and their batch numbers can be printed and organized by Customer, Vendor or Product Code.