Bill of Materials Benefits

Main Function

Description of Features

Handle production requirements effortlessly Gain better visibility of your assembly requirements and inventory position.
Enables you to manage Bill of Material in real time, perform material requirement simulation, detect raw material shortage, perform finished goods cost simulation and automatically reduce raw material quantity upon return of finished goods to inventory.Material Requirement Simulation (M.R.S.)- Track raw material usage and detect shortfalls. Determine finished goods standard cost.
Raw Material to Finished Goods Conversion – Reduce raw material quantity (as specified in BOM) and increase finished goods production quantity.
Auto Update Inventory Inventory quantities are automatically updated via the following options:-(1) RM to FG Conversion or;
(2) Production Receipt (via Production Costing Module)
Detailed Onscreen Inquiry Comprehensive on-screen data presentation for a listing of top down view of the Bill of Material as well as a “where use” listing of a raw materials. Thus you will know how a specific material is used across the entire inventory spectrum.
Prevents delay in production caused by insufficient stock Improve your production and inventory management process. Ensure that production starts only when there is sufficient raw material.
Full Integration to all modules Seamless integration to all other InfoMaster Modules for increased productivity and efficiency