Sales Order Specialized Features


Description of Features

Sales Order Entry This function allows user to enter orders which are to be delivered at a later date regardless of the stock position. If stock is running low, a warning message will be displayed to alert the user to replenish stock. Once the order is entered, the items ordered will be placed under “Reserve” and the stock availability will be reduced accordingly. At the same time, the system will update the Sales booking records.The orders can be in any currency with the user editable exchange rate being logged. A Sales Order voucher will be printed at the end of the entry. The order can be printed as Loan Order, Proforma Invoice or Sales order depending on the needs. GST will be calculated automatically for local customers.Amendment to the order is allowed at any time regardless of whether the items are delivered. During order entry or amendment, the system will generates booking records to track the changes and for booking analysis purpose.
Sales Order Release When the item is ready for shipment, this order release function will convert the order into a D/O and invoice. Either partial or full delivery is acceptable. User may select to print either D/O or Invoice or both after the order release.
Immediate Invoicing This function caters for immediate sales situation, ie, Items to be sold and delivered immediately. The same function can also be used for Credit Note printing. If a credit note is printed, the system will prompt you for the invoice to be offset in order to update the A/R directly.
Group Invoicing All D/Os which have no invoices printed can be grouped into a single bill. The grouping is done per customer basis.
Batch Invoicing This function allows you to print all unprinted sales in batch mode. The printing is done for all customers.
Sales Order Edit and Cancellation This function allows you to edit or cancel a sales order where needed. You willl be able to delete an existing item or add new items to the sales order. However, if an item has been partially delivered, only the balanced quantity can be deleted.
Invoice Edit and Cancellation This function allows you to edit or cancel an invoice within the same month. When an invoice is cancelled, it will be returned to Backlog, if it was originally released from backlog. Otherwise, the system will generate negative booking transaction to offset the previously generated booking.
Purchase Order Generation per Sales Order A sales order can be generated into a purchase order for back-to-back or JIT items. After the P/O is generated, it can be edited where necessary. Depending on the number of items and the supplier, a sales order may generate more than one P/O for a number of suppliers.
Batch Purchase Order Generation for multiple Sales Orders If there is more than one sales order with the same item, they can be consolidated into a single Purchase Order.