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Integrated Software Engineering Pte Ltd (ISE) provides consultancy and software applications that help companies productively do business effectively. Featuring on-line, real-time and an integrated interface, the InfoMaster ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software allows corporations to manage voluminous inventory, financial, operational, distribution, sales and purchase information easily. This results in better management decision making and improved visibility throughout the organization. We provide consultancy expertise for companies in the distribution, trading, project related, construction, oil and gas, shipping and light manufacturing industries.


Integrated Software Engineering Pte Ltd (ISE) was incorporated in 1987 as a consultant for turnkey solutions. We are a dynamic, solution based, service oriented company providing software solutions in accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP). In 1989, the company released the InfoMaster Integrated Financial System, suited and localized for the Asia Pacific region. The company was the first in developing a true real-time financial system integrated with a computerized fax automation system all in-a-box. In the next few years, ISE won numerous clients from the mid market segment and positioned ourselves as a reputable partner in the consultancy and Information Technology services industry.

Our Value Proposition

Our aim is to provide cost effective, practical solutions that meet the current and future needs of our clients. We aim to do this by providing solutions that are modular, cross functional and versatile for use in any industry. With our ingenuity and expertise, companies can expect solutions that will improve their business processes, business structures and economic models within the shortest possible implementation cycle.

Corporate Objectives

Our corporate objectives are 2 fold; To listen to our customers and understand their needs and to continually provide excellent customer oriented service. Service is what differentiates different solution providers. Being a local service provider, we are able to respond dynamically to the changing needs of our clients, within a reasonable time frame and at the right investment value.

At Integrated Software Engineering, we believe in keeping things simple yet functional and comprehensive. InfoMaster is designed with that in mind. We constantly focus on solutions that are Innovative, Simple and Efficient.

InfoMaster – Designed by business users for your business!