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Production Costing Module – InfoCOST

InfoCOST is your complete solution to your assembly and production needs

InfoCOST: Production Costing Module is designed for production usage. It must be installed together with the Inventory (InfoStock) and Bill of Material (InfoBOM) modules.

With the InfoStock module installed, you can keep track of the stock level and perform unit cost computation upon receiving of goods. The quantity and the unit cost are the known factors whenever an issue or receipt is done. The InfoStock module maintains a list of items in stock with the quantity on hand for sales or manufacturing requirement.

The InfoBOM module is to maintain a pre-determined raw material requirement for each finished goods production. The accuracy of the B.O.M. affects the entire material requirement planning and production schedule. Therefore, it is important to ensure that any change in the raw material list is reflected immediately via the B.O.M. maintenance.

Suited for dynamic production needs

In the manufacturing environment, raw materials are required to produce a finished item. Although the raw materials used can be pre-determined, the total requirement for each production may vary. The production department must ensure that all materials required for the finished goods are sufficient before the production can be carried out. To check for the availability of each raw material can be time consuming and may cause delays in the manufacturing process. Planning and preventive action cannot be carried out in time to improve the efficiency of the production schedule.

With the help of the Inventory, B.O.M. and Production Costing modules, the overall operation in the production department can be greatly enhanced.