Professional Services

Professional Services

Our professional services can be likened as an extension to your accounts, finance or operations department.

At times, after a successful implementation, additional assistance may be required because of staff turnover, new requirements or business expansion. Here is where you can outsource certain services to us. Our professional assistance will be on hand to provide you with the needed manpower, knowledge and skill sets to accomplish the task. Our service professional will be able to accomplish the task with speed and decisiveness, since they already possess the necessary skill sets and are familiar with the system.

Engage our professional assistance and take us as part of your team in ensuring efficient service for your day-to-day processes.

The following are some if the professional services we provide:-

Project Management / Guidance Services
- Inventory/ warehousing consultancy management services
- Operations workflow planning or re-organization
- Project Costing and workflow planning or re-organization
- Manufacturing/ Work floor planning and re-organization
- Specialized Data Entry and accounting assistance
- Term based accounting assistance

System Reporting Services
- General Ledger Chart of accounts design
- General Ledger Financial Reporting design
- General System reporting

General/ Monthly/ Yearly Accounting Services
- Discrepancy checking and reconciliation
- Monthly accounts preparation
- Yearly accounts closing and preparation

User traning
- Training of new users
- Training of exisitng users with new features
- Training of management users
- Training of operation users

Please do not hesitate to call us at 67475665 for more information on any of the Professional Services listed above. If you have a requirement that is not listed above, please let us know so that we can discuss the options that are available.