General Ledger

General Ledger Module

General Ledger is a collection of all transaction from the various modules. It posts and summarizes accounting information and generates financial reports for management review in a timely manner.

  • On-line master maintenance, data entry and inquiry
  • 12 characters of A/C Code and 30 characters of account name
  • Numeric field length of 17 digits
  • Flexible Chart of Accounts via hierarchical relationship definition
  • Automatic ‘roll-up’ of financial data from sub-account to summary account
  • Allow copying of Charts of accounts for department
  • User definable position or non-position level for each account
  • On-line account inquiry for current and past years data
  • Unlimited Levels in an account chart
  • Top-down and Bottom-up chart of account inquiry
  • Mass and single replacement of account code to new account code
  • On-line historical journals inquiry
  • Maintain 36 months information for current, last and past year
  • Maintain 36 months budget
  • Allows transfer of actual values to current and revised budgets, current budget to revised budget, or vice versa
  • Print Trial Balance for any period
  • Print Detail G/L by criteria
  • Print Audit Schedule by criteria
  • Print Expense Analysis Report
  • Allow printing of reports for any month within two years
  • On-line standing(recurring) and ad-hoc journal entries
  • Batch total control to ensure completeness of data entry
  • Voucher balance control to ensure double entry accuracy
  • User controlled journal posting
  • Supports past and future period posting for 24 months
  • On-line entries validation
  • Export to spreadsheet

Easy Report Writer (ERW)

  • On-line report line maintenance
  • Allows user to define any number of financial reports easily
  • Comprehensive instructions throughout report definition
  • Allows printing of reports in many different pre-defined formats
  • Print report as and when is required for any of 36 financial period
  • Report data can be converted to spreadsheet

Departmental Profit and Loss Reporting

  • Supports Departmental Costing and Sales Division
  • Multi departmental definition
  • Printing of departmental Profit and Loss statement
  • Printing of consolidated reporting for Profit and Loss for various departments

Month-end extraction of G/L entries

The G/L entries can be extracted anytime within the year.

No closing of subsidiary book

No month-end process is required to close the subsidiary ledger before the new fiscal month.

Full screen journal entry with reversal feature

Financial report preview screen before printing onto hardcopy