Software Implementation

Software Implementation

The approach we take to software implementation can be broken down to 3 stages:-


Stage 1: Pre Implementation – Our consultants will do face-to-face or telephone interviews with your users and the management in order to determine the current methods of operation and to understand your business requirements.

These requirements will be compiled, documented and studied during the 2nd stage of implementation. A practical schedule will be worked out to outline the tasks that will be accomplished and the deliverables.


Actual Implementation

Stage 2: Actual Implementation – Hardware and software will be installed and tested. The new system will be put in placed for user testing and fine tuning of operating procedures.

Optionally, data can be converted from the existing system. Data conversion itself will be divided into several stages for verification and integrity checks. Any integration work to 3rd party systems will be developed to specifications. Any customizations or modifications to the system will be done during this stage. Users will be trained to operate the system.



Stage 3: Post Implementation – This final stage of the project will involve the users and the system consultants. A detailed walkthrough will be carried out to simulate the actual process flow and to generate reports for verification purpose. A parallel run may be conducted if necessary.

The project will be subjected to reviews by our consultant. Our support personnel will also be on hand during office hours to render any assistance required for a successful implementation.