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Purchase Control Module – InfoBuy

InfoBuy automates the process of issuing and managing purchase orders

Accurate and timely receipts of goods purchased affects the performance of your inventory, customer service and ultimately your entire sales performance. Late vendor deliveries and incorrect goods receipt leads to a whole range of problems that can affect your business in many respects.

When combined with the InfoMaster for Windows InfoCreditor, InfoStock, InfoSales and InfoProject, InfoBuy provides you with a comprehensive, fully integrated purchase management system. Goods Receipts (GRNs) automatically update inventory and Accounts Payable invoices for the received items. If invoices are not received, they are automatically accrued. Purchase orders can be automatically created for back-to-back items from the Sales Order System. Back order reports fill you in on items that are in transit, partially shipped or fully shipped. Delivery dates can be tracked easily for expediting of ordered items. All this translates to better sales and business performance.

Increase your efficiency and productivity

The Purchase Order system is designed to assist management not only to issue purchase orders, but also to keep track on their status. This ensures that goods arrive on time; it avoids duplicate orders and provides a centralized means to manage the inventory. InfoBuy also provide you with historical purchase data so that you can determine the purchase pattern, the fluctuation of prices and the source of supplies. This information will help you to obtain products at the right price and from the right suppliers.

Enhanced features for better control

For better control, you can start the purchasing cycle with the purchase requisition. Data entered into the Purchase order screen will allow you to print a purchase requisition form for approval by the management.

After approval, you can convert the purchase request into a purchase order that can be faxed, mailed or emailed out to the vendor. With direct integration to InfoStock, all updated vendor pricing and description will be displayed on the data entry screen for better purchase decision-making.

Once the goods have arrived, retrieve the P/O# and indicate whether it is a complete or partial receipt. If the supplier’s invoice is attached to the D/O, you may enter the invoice together with the quantity received and the invoice will update the InfoCredit system (if it is installed) immediately in real-time

The automatic accrual feature enhances P/O management by keeping track of all items received without an invoice. A purchase accrual listing can be printed out to ensure that these invoices are received at a later stage. This makes sure that whatever cost to be incurred is well taken care of and not understated. Upon receipt of the vendor’s invoice, simply enter the information into the InfoCreditor system for pairing off with the respective vendors’ accrued amounts.

When the goods receipt entry is completed, the stock level will be increased and the P/O status will be updated accordingly for both full and partial deliveries. This will complete the entire purchasing cycle.

All bills printed, cancelled and amended will be reflected in the A/R status immediately.

Strategic information for entire business

Items ordered might have a lead-time. During this period, many P/Os could have been raised. If the volume of purchases increases, you might lose track of each Purchase Order status. This may lead to insufficient stock for issuing, late deliveries and put the business in a disadvantaged position.

The Purchase Order Expedition and the Purchase Order Status Report provided by the system will assist you to monitor the goods arrival schedule. In this way you will be able call the vendor to find out if the goods can arrive on time, and if not, find an alternative source of supplies or a replacement product. This function also allows you to alert the vendor on the actual delivery date.


All movements and receipts of purchase orders can be tracked easily through the online inquiry screen.

Outstanding P/Os and items purchased can be tracked by Vendor info, P/O number, Arrival Date, Item Ordered, Order Date and, backlog quantity.

InfoBuy allows you to react more quickly to changing P/O data and improves the productivity of your entire business.

Reporting and analysis

InfoBuy gives you the confidence to make purchase decisions and increases your buying power. The benefits derived from the reporting and analysis functions will be visible across your entire business and also on your bottomline.