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Accounts Receivable Module – InfoDebtor

InfoDebtor tracks all your receivables in real time for better business planning and cash flow

InfoDebtor allows you to micro manage your customers by keeping track of important customer sales information, credit balances and outstanding balances. The Drill down feature makes tracking of source documents (invoice, credit notes, etc) a simple task. InfoDebtor allows you to easily apply cash to outstanding invoices either partially or in full. It is fully integrated with InfoCash for complete Bank Reconciliation and InfoSales for real-time updates to the outstanding receivables. This robust accounting solution can be used by itself or as part of an integrated system with other InfoMaster for Windows business applications. Data is also presented in an easy to read format for quick informed decision-making. When implemented with InfoProject, all payments received will automatically be reflected in the related project information screen.

Increase your Efficiency and Collection Ratio

Accounts receivable is a major current asset of any business organization. Good marketing strategy and a strong sales team will definitely increase the company’s sales performance. To be competitive, most sales are done on a credit basis unless the business is relied on walk-in customers. In other words, goods are delivered and payments are to be collected at a later date. The credit term differs from customer to customer, depending on their credibility and past record. Avoiding late payments and bad debts are just some of the desired practice in Accounts Receivable.

InfoDebtor keeps track of the total credit amount for each customer and the payment due date of every outstanding invoice.

In addition, there must also be a way to analyze the customer’s payment pattern for future credit consideration. No business would want to issue a credit term that results in a loss of competitiveness. On the other hand, bad collection will also affect the company’s financial position. If bad debts do exist, the potential loss will usually be much higher than the sales profit.

With InfoDebtor, you can analyze payment patterns online and generate payment expedition reports to pre-empt late payments before they actually occur.

Enhanced Features for Better Control

InfoDebtor Accounts Receivable module is an on-line, real-time Integrated Accounting System designed for all business industries.

A Real-time Accounts Receivable provides you with up-to-time information and relieves the accounts personnel from manual computation so that the time saved can be well utilized for other more productive work.

With InfoDebtor, you can assign any clerk to enter the data – InfoDebtor will do the rest. No more delays because of staff turnover or when the accounts clerk is on leave. The Microsoft Excel like data entry screen provides a familiar look and feel for most users.

Each invoice entered can be in any foreign or local currency. The original currency will be tracked together with its exchange rate at the time of sales. Exchange gain/loss will be computed automatically when payment is collected. For foreign invoices, any bank charges incurred can be taken care of at the same time.

At times, the amount collected may be of a different currency as compared to the invoiced currency. The system will perform a conversion directly and update the debtors and the bank concurrently with different currencies used.

All bills printed, cancelled and amended will be reflected in the A/R status immediately.

All cheques received can also be registered into the system before applying it to an invoice. This forgoes the need for manual recording and allows quick receipt entry.

A/R and A/P contra facility and credit balance contra provides a one-step method to clear the outstanding. If exchange rate fluctuates drastically, automatic re-valuation of all outstanding bills can be carried out without any manual computation.

Strategic information for entire business

InfoDebtor enables you to keep track of individual customer’s credit facility, the ageing of the outstanding bills and alert you of any bad-payment customer to avoid a bad debt situation. Company management will have visibility of debtors’ situation and important decisions can be made to address them.

InfoDebtor’s drill down facility allows ageing information to be drilled down 3 levels – from ageing buckets to specific invoices to invoice contents. Such a view affords the accounts personnel to identify a particular segment that needs attention.

The management, the accounts and the sales personnel will benefit greatly from the accurate data presented in InfoDebtor.

Reporting and Analysis

Ageing analysis or statement of accounts can be viewed or printed as and when is required. Outstanding bills by salesman can be used as a reference for each salesman to take care of their own customer’s payment due date.

Management summary reports provide the view of the A/R and A/P status for side-by-side comparison.

InfoDebtor provides more than 70 reports for debtor analysis at your fingertips.