Trading and Distribution

Trading and Distribution

Trading and Distribution

Trading and distribution functionalities are the mainstay of many business organizations. This will range from inventory management, sales quotation, order taking, order fulfillment, deliveries, procurement management, goods receipt and sale analysis. If even one portion of this cycle is compromised, it will affect the overall operations drastically.

For example, if the inventory is not properly managed, it might result in late deliveries, inaccurate delivery schedules, which in turn reduce the client’s confidence in the company’s processes or late delivery penalties. A mismanaged inventory will also lead to overstocking and cost overruns.

InfoMaster Trading and Distribution solution is designed to tighten the controls in all aspects of the distribution cycle to create an efficient workflow for the people in your organization and in the process create happy clients.

InfoMaster ERP Distribution package includes the following core modules:-


Empowering Sales and Distribution Management

• InfoMaster ERP Distribution management expertly handles all your order entry, backlog tracking, order fulfillment and invoicing needs regardless of the size and complexity of your business. It facilitates the entering of sales orders and prints order confirmation, tax invoices, proforma invoices, work orders, loan vouchers, credit notes, packing slip, and finance invoices.

• You can track backlog, partial shipments, unprinted invoices, fulfilled orders and sales information on-screen and on printed reports. Use InfoSales to generate one invoice from multiple sales orders or multiple delivery orders easily. InfoSales is fully integrated so you always know your inventory availability levels and the status of your customer accounts in real time.

Centralized Management Inquiry Dashboard

• The centralized Management Inquiry Dashboard (MID) provides the sales management with a snapshot of the business on a single screen. This overall view presents the company performance that can be analyzed and view from various angles. Thus allowing the management to understand the organizations performance in the past, know where they stand at present and forecast future performance. Drill down feature provides insight to the current figures and this contributes to an understanding of the data flow. With the MID, sales managers can be alerted to backlog information, monthly sales figures, low revenue generation, excessive procurement activity, un-invoiced delivery orders and many other alerts.

Tasks Driven Interface

• Tasks driven functions allows the users to accomplish more at a shorter time frame. InfoMaster ERP for distribution is designed so that all common tasks associated with a particular function can be done a single data entry point. This would include transactions such as cash sales, cash purchases, credit notes, goods return, etc. Common tasks are streamlined for quick and efficient data entry, hence reducing redundancy in keystrokes and double entries.

Data Portability

• Convenient data analysis allows information to be exported to familiar spreadsheet and word processing applications. Top management requires some financial figures? No worries! The InfoMaster ERP Financials allows data to be exported to commonly used spreadsheet and word processing software. Data can be reorganized and formatting can be saved with the Financials Query Builder, for future retrieval locally or over the internet. This allows the management team to collaborate effectively either online or offline.

Better Manage Inventory

• Reduce business costs and increase manageability by streamlining your inventory management processes. Collect real-time inventory data, improve warehousing efficiency, increase the visibility of your inventory and make informed decisions all using the InfoMaster ERP for Distribution Solution.

• With more accurate inventory data, you can streamline you inventory levels for optimizing of warehouse utilization. You can avoid under-stocking, which sometimes result in a decision to switch suppliers or a lack of adequate stock supply. On the other hand, overstocking affects the inventory turnover, resulting in cash flow problems, stock wastages and obsolescence. Reorder management allows you to set maximum and minimum stock alert levels, safety stock levels and lead time definition.

• Stock Managers will have a complete multi-location inventory management system that keeps track of stock levels (on hand, available, incoming, reserved and production), processes inventory receipts, returns, issues and adjustments. We provide management with an extensive screen inquiry and reporting functions that provides detailed and current information on quantities, prices, item movements, and sales history that is crucial for effective inventory management—regardless of the size of your business.

More Satisfied Customers

• Real-time online inventory information allows accurate monitoring of stocks and their movement. This will in turn lead to more accurate stock on-hand information, on-time deliveries and accurate delivery schedules. Such information is integrated so that your employees will have access to information right at their finger tips at the right places. When typing a sales quotation, the sales person will be able to view the stock availability, other outstanding orders and the incoming shipments for that particular item. Hence the sales person will be able to provide the customer with an accurate estimate of the delivery of the item. At the same time, the sales person will also be able to view the historical price of that particular item for that customer (and other customers as well). This will allow the sales person to provide a competitive price quotation. Overall this leads to a better customer experience.

More than 20 years expertise in the Industry

With 25 years of successful ERP implementations for the trading and distribution related industries, we believe that our expertise will be a valuable tool in helping your company to achieve your goals for computerization and resource optimization. If you have any questions about our ERP software for the Trading and Distribution industries, please call us at +65 67475665 or click on one of the following tiles for more information on the related module and benefits.

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