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InfoMaster ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning

InfoMaster ERP Software is the next generation of user-friendly and comprehensive Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. For the past 30 years, InfoMaster has assisted many companies in their day-to-day operation, financial, accounting and reporting needs. The heritage continues today with InfoMaster ERP Software Solution.

InfoMaster ERP Software adopts a task-based approach to accounting and operations. With its enhanced learning interface, real-time information inquiry and integrated design, users get up to speed with the usage and operation of the system in no time. InfoMaster makes ERP both easy and functional.

At Integrated Software Engineering, we believe in keeping things simple yet functional and comprehensive. InfoMaster ERP software is designed with this in mind. We constantly focus on solutions that are Innovative, Simple and Efficient.

InfoMaster ERP Software – Designed by business users for your business!

5 Myths of ERP software implementation

While implementing ERP solutions for companies of different sizes, we have come across many misconceptions regarding ERP systems. This is not uncommon as different companies do have differing experiences when it comes to ERP software implementation. Many of these myths still exist today and often times discourage potential implementers of ERP systems. We have identified 5 myths that have plagued the ERP landscape. At the same time, we will highlight the corresponding actions that will ensure a successful ERP implementation. <more>

Why should I implement InfoMaster ERP?

If you are considering to implement an ERP system, you will probably need to convince the management that the investment will benefit the company. Here are some of the ERP Benefits that can be expected. The major areas of benefit are consolidation of multiple systems into one and the improved visibility across the company. We try to summarize all the benefits for you here as far as possible and divide it up into 2 main categories.<more>