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Bill of Materials Modules – InfoBOM

InfoBOM is your answer to all you bill of material and process assembly requirements

InfoBOM: Bill of material module is an extension to the Inventory Control (InfoStock) application. It is suited for companies that manufacture and/or assemble finished goods.

InfoBOM allows you to pre-define a list of raw materials required to build a finished item. In other words, it is likened to a text-based representation of the engineering drawing of each produced item.

A finished item can be made up of raw materials and/or another finished goods (sub assembly). It may include common parts forming part of a common structure. Hence InfoBOM allows the finished item to be made up of either raw materials and/or sub assembly items.

Be alerted to production shortfalls

When producing an item, two major issues must be addressed;

(1) The quantity of each raw material required and
(2) The total costs involved in the production of the finished item

In order to address the first issue, InfoBOM provides information for material requirement planning as well as cost information to make the finished item. Before starting any assembly work, a Material Requirement Simulation (M.R.S.) can be performed to determine if there is enough raw materials to produce the desired quantity of finished item. The system will produce a report to indicate which raw material has a shortage. This will allow the production to make modifications to the production quantity before the production order is released to the shop floor.

Performing the M.R.S process also allows the production to simulate the cost of the finished item. This addresses the second issue.

Increase your efficiency and production throughput

If only material cost is required for the production costing, the system provides an easy way of converting raw material into finished goods via the option called ‘Raw material to Finished Goods’ conversion.

This process will automatically reduce all raw material required to produce the finished goods, compute the total material cost and returns it to stock as an end-item with the total cost that was computed. No data entry for issuing of raw material and receiving of finished goods is required. Everything is done automatically without additional paper work.