Sales Quotation

Quotation Module

InfoAdmin is designed to assist user in the administration work; to maintain customer and vendor databases; to keep track on the buying and selling price of each product; to prepare faxes or correspondence in an effortless manner and most importantly, to prepare quotation in the fastest way without relying on clerical staff.

  • Maintain selling price of each product for different customers
  • Maintain buying price of each product for different vendors
  • Maintain database to keep track on the status of quotations
  • Allows users to define components that make up the finished product for automatic components extraction to speed up the quotation process
  • Integrate to Inventory system for stock description, price retrieval as well as stock level inquiry at quotation entry time
  • Allows correspondence entry through a simple text editor without prior knowledge of word-processing function
  • Allows copying of quotation to speed up the quotation process
  • Allows on-screen monitoring of quotation for sales follow-up
  • Direct faxing of quotation
  • Direct faxing of correspondence
  • Broadcasting of correspondence to multiple addresses
  • Electronically file all correspondence for future reference
  • Allows archiving of documents and correspondence
  • Allows formatting of correspondence in letter or fax format
  • Provide data entry for quotation and order confirmation if quotation is accepted by customer
  • Provide data entry for various documents such as proforma invoices, invoices, delivery orders, purchase orders, packing lists, loan vouchers etc.
  • Print quotation status report