User friendly and
easy implementation
With a form and task based
approach, all users can
operate the system
efficiently and easily

InfoMaster ERP

InfoMaster ERP is the next generation of user-friendly and comprehensive Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. For the past 25 years, InfoMaster has assisted many companies in their day-to-day operation and financial accounting needs. The heritage continues today with InfoMaster ERP. InfoMaster ERP adopts a task-based approach to accounting and operations, enhanced learning interface, real-time information inquiry and an integrated design.

A Move Toward Task-Based Applications

Many traditional accounting systems are based on form filling and database updating. To perform one task, you might have to open multiple forms in different parts of the application. Not only is it time-consuming and inconvenient, it can also be very labour intensive.

InfoMaster ERP System’s task-based application organizes work by tasks that can be completed in a single session. It goes many steps ahead and takes care of the people performing the tasks. Our goal is to create a software that is tailored to the exact needs of each user so that more tasks can be performed in a shorter time frame, hence improving efficiency. An example of a task would be “urgent cash purchase of item”. The following table illustrates how InfoMaster ERP’s task-centric application cuts down screen toggling and data entry by more than 50%. Hence minimum effort is required to achieve greater results.


Quick Learning Experience – User Friendly Design

In InfoMaster ERP, you will find a complete change to the data entry interface. The screen layout and interface is compact yet detailed. The familiar spreadsheet-like columns and rows are mirrored in the data entry interface. Hence creating a look and feel that is intuitive, familiar and easy to learn.

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Such a familiar user experience not only lowers training costs and reduces the implementation cycle; it also empowers users to feel comfortable in using more of the application.

Real-time Online Integrated Information Inquiry

As compared to other systems, different tasks require different applications, resulting in many islands of information that has to be accessed separately through different sessions. With InfoMaster ERP, information captured at source will flow right to the related applications. With such integration, the entire company can benefit from the accurate information captured to make strategic decisions.


The Complete Solution For Your Company… With No Compromises!

Some softwares demand a higher price because of their complex structures, high consultancy, training and implementation fees. On the other hand, some lower cost software tend to do away with service and support by reducing functionalities and integration levels.

InfoMaster ERP does not compromise in any of these areas. It delivers complete functionality and integration for business of all types. InfoMaster transforms your entire business into an orchestra of automated tasks, resulting in better control, manageability, productivity and decision-making.