Assembly and Production

Assembly and Production

InfoMaster ERP Production Costing: for Light Manufacturing includes the following modules:-



Businesses in the manufacturing industry realize that acquiring sales and landing a contract is not the final milestone but just the beginning of journey. How this journey turns out very much depends on how the product or service is to be delivered to the customer. Will the product be delivered on time? Will it be at the right cost and hence right margin? Will lead time estimates be as accurate as possible? How can the company respond to the growing needs of different customers? Will the production floor be able to keep up with these growing needs?

The InfoMaster Production system provides on-line, real-time information that makes production related activities simple and easy to manage, without the complexities and headaches commonly associated with production implementations.

Material Requirement Simulation for accurate estimates

• You can easily maintain a formula for standardized products using the Bill of Material (BOM) module for finished goods and/or sub assembly items. The formula will allow the specification of the quantity of raw material to complete the finished goods. This is likened to a text based description of an engineering drawing or a food recipe. Together with the costs associated for each of these items, the production staff can determine the estimated costs of the finished products. The BOM can be used to determine if there is enough stock to manufacture the desired quantity of items. If there are shortages in raw materials detected, alerts will be triggered and a report can be printed to document the event. Once a BOM is defined, it can be re-used for future productions.

Dynamic and flexible production modeling

• Dynamic production modeling allows you to modify the BOM (in each manufacturing order) to meet the production specification without changing the original BOM configuration. This change might be due to specific customizations, material replacements, shortages or unexpected situations that can arise before the production run. The changes made are production specific, hence allowing the production floor to fine tune the manufacturing process as the need arises. This ensures that the production can complete on time and within schedule.

Accurate cost capture

• A finished item is not just made up of the component cost. Where allowable and necessary, labour cost, overhead cost and other miscellaneous cost can also add up to a finished item. The InfoMaster Production Costing system allows the specification of such costs hence providing the entire sales operation with a more accurate estimate of the cost and GP of each product.

Integration to Operations and Finance

• Production is linked to the inventory and Bill of Material for real-time stock information for material requirement simulation process, stock movement and tracking;

• Manufacturing Order (MO) is linked to the Sales Order (SO) for easy generation of MO based on the SO quantity, Useful for make-to-order or make-to stock situations.;

• Miscellaneous cost (labor, overhead, etc) are linked to the accounts for proper classification and accounting;

Automatic updating of raw materials and finished goods

• At the end of a production run, when the finished goods or sub assembly is completed, a production receipt process is carried out. This process will automatically reduce the raw materials used and increase the finished goods by the corresponding production quantity.