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Inventory Control Module – InfoStock

Infostock is your solution to a complete multi-location Inventory Management System

Reduce business costs and increase manageability by streamlining your inventory management processes. Collect real-time inventory data, improve warehousing efficiency, increase the visibility of your inventory and make informed decisions – all using the InfoStock Management System.

Infostock is a complete multi-location inventory management system that keeps track of stock levels (on hand, available, incoming, reserved and production), processes inventory receipts, returns, issues and adjustments. It includes extensive screen inquiry and reporting functions to give you the detailed, current information on quantities, prices, item movements, and sales history that is crucial for effective inventory management—regardless of the size of your business..

Increase your Efficiency and Productivity

With more accurate inventory data, you can streamline you inventory levels for optimizing of warehouse utilization. You can avoid under-stocking, which sometimes result in a decision to switch suppliers or a lack of adequate stock supply. On the other hand, overstocking affects the inventory turnover, resulting in cash flow problems, stock wastages and obsolescence.

InfoStock is designed with flexibility in mind to support both stocked items and non-stock items. It tracks every movement of each stocked item. Stocked item refers to items that are in stock for resale purpose. Non-stocked item refers to items that are not physically stocked but are often required in the selling process. Non stocked items may include item such as freight charge, insurance, transportation, labor charge and repair cost, etc.

Enhanced Features for Better Control

InfoStock supports up to 1296 warehouses. They can be either physical or logical warehouses. Physical warehouse refers to a physically existing warehouse. Logical warehouse refers to a non-existent warehouse where goods are recorded for the purpose of identification. It may include damaged goods warehouse, display item warehouse, second hand stock warehouse, consignment goods warehouse, rental goods warehouse, etc. Infostock provides an inter-warehouse transfer feature for items to be transferred easily from one warehouse to another.

InfoStock supports the following type of transactions. They include Purchase Receipt, Misc. Receipt, Goods Return, Production Receipt, Misc. Issue, Production Issue, Sales, Reservation, On Order, On Production, Production Allocation and Adjustment.


InfoStock records all transactions entered in an audit trail. The detailed movement will be kept on-line for 36 months (i.e., current, last year and past year) and can be printed out on the hard copy or on screen inquiry when required. This will eliminate the manual stock card recording. Offline archiving allows detailed information to be kept for as long as you need.

In order to eliminate the rounding errors, InfoStock provide automatic adjustment to the stock value for balance amount if the quantity on hand is zero. It also automatically reset the cost on hand if the values are negative. All adjustment are made with audit trail and journalisation.

All G/L codes are pre-defined during the master maintenance so that the accounting entries can be generated automatically by the system. This will eliminates the manual book-keeping for the stock and the preparation of the stock ledger.

Accurate information for entire business

The product specification feature allows you to further describe an item. The information entered will be retrieved together with the item code during the Sales order and Purchase order process. This allows you to show the detailed specification of an item on the invoice or purchase order.

InfoStock is part of the InfoMaster ERP Solution. Therefore all authenticated employees in your business will have access to the same set of accurate inventory data on a real-time basis. The latest information will always be made available so that you can act on inventory information quickly and respond to new sales opportunities.

With InfoMaster InfoStock, sales staff will have access to updated information so that customers can be provided with accurate sales, stock level and pricing information. You will avoid losing the sales as a result of incorrect inventory data. Delivery promises will be reliable and customer confidence and loyalty in your business will be increased.

Reporting, Analysis and Stock Take

If departmental financial statement reporting is required, InfoStock allows you to separate the sales and cost of sales by department. It effortlessly handles dual currency transations (base currency and foreign currency)

The system also assist user in the stock movement and ageing analysis as well as the A-B-C analysis to assist the management in the stock planning process.

InfoStock allows Stock Take or Physical Inventory Count process to be carried out as and when is required. The entire stock take process has been simplified so that the entire exercise can be completed within the shortest time frame.

InfoStock generates the stock take count list for the selected items and allow easy way of data entry to work out the discrepancy for re-count purpose. When the discrepancy is accepted by the Management, the system will adjust the stock level to the actual count and generate movement records for audit trail. Besides, G/L entries will be created at the end of month for the stock discrepancy. The entire stock take can be done within a short period of time. With flexibility in mind, you can continue with you daily operation and choose to update the stock count anytime before the next stock take.