Benefits of ERP System

Why should I implement InfoMaster ERP?

If you are considering to implement an ERP system, you will probably need to convince the management that the investment will benefit the company. Here are some of the ERP Benefits that can be expected. The major areas of benefit are consolidation of multiple systems into one and the improved visibility across the company. We try to summarize all the benefits for you here as far as possible and divide it up into 2 main categories.

Operation Benefits

  • Greater visibility into the operation and performance of the business
  • Single point of data entry
  • Single point of data retrieval (immediate retrieval)
  • Seamless integration of many business processes and departments into one unified system
  • Real-time current and historical information available company wide
  • Better control over business processes and workflow
  • Greater accountability over work done
  • Data standardization, integrity and accuracy across the enterprise
  • Best practices, proven methods of operation and operation streamlining are included in the application
  • Efficient and quick management reporting
  • Creates an efficient organization and dynamic business
  • Allows for business planning, analysis and informed decision making

Return on Investment (ROI) / Cost Saving Benefits

  • Optimal Inventory levels through better visibility and efficiency
  • Greater control over inventory levels reduces “stock missing” situations
  • Savings through the reduction in duplicated efforts or repeated key punching
  • Automation of process reduces time spent in manual work processes
  • Reduction in redundant activities (lean processing)
  • Visibility over information allows for increase in ability to process transactions (added capacity)
  • Greater accountability allows for more efficient work force (reduces human errors)
  • Higher utilization of employees for revenue generating activities (less transactional, more analytical)
  • Improvement in decision making through more accurate and real-time data
  • Improved customer service leads to a repeat customer (more revenue)
  • Accurate forecasting results in more accurate stock levels and sales
  • Improved financial controls ensures good cash flow
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Which ERP system can give me all the above benefits?