Inventory Features

Inventory Control Module – Features

 Main Function

 Description of Features

Master • Maintain a complete inventory data base for the entire operation
• Capture full particulars of stocked and non-stocked/operational items
• 30 character product code, 60 character long product description
• Unlimited lines of product description
• Support image file for inventory item
• Support supersede item# for reference purpose
• Maintains 1296 warehouses (warehouse code 00-99, AA-ZZ, A1-Z9, 1A-9Z)
• Maintains standard selling price, individual customer selling price, last customer selling price, standard purchase price, individual vendor purchase price, last vendor purchase price and customer based vendor price.
• Maintains promotional price, multi-level selling price and purchase price by 7 types of discount structure
• Automatic computation of inventory cost (weighted average)
• Supports individual and global selling and purchase price change
• Kit File maintenance for definition of finished goods and raw components
• Reorder definition by ROP, ROQ, SSL, MIN, MAX and Lead Time
Transaction • Full support on all types of inventory movement
• Purchase receipt, production receipt, misc. receipt and return to stock
• Sales issue, production issue, misc. issue,
• Adjustment, reserve, on order, on production etc.
• Allows mass adjustment of stock level and/or cost
• Allows inter warehouse stock transfer with or without add-on cost
• Support fractional quantity for items with different Unit of Measure
• Compute GST for incoming and outgoing goods
• Automatic adjustment of stock cost if quantity is zero or total cost is negative
• On-line / real-time update of inventory status
• All vouchers printed with auto numbering
• Supports transaction amendment for wrongly entered data
Inquiry • On-line inquiry for inventory particulars, stock level and pricing
• On-line inquiry for inventory availability, movement
• On-line inquiry for current month, current year, last year and past year inventory history
• On-line inquiry for kit file maintenance and stock analysis
• On-line inquiry for kit file maintenance and stock analysis
Reporting • Many reports to be printed as and when required
• Inventory status, availability, cost, sales, price, G/L, planning, ageing, analysis and specification reports
• Full inventory transaction and sales transaction audit trail reports
• Full report preview before printing
• Multi-view criteria selection and sorting sequence for report printing
• Transactions entered are logged with user-ID and the date/time of the data entry done for management review
Stock Take • Support annual or periodical stock take
• Allow automatic stock adjustment when performing periodical stock count
• Print stock discrepancy and variance report to assist management in stock revaluation process
Optional • Bar-coding and stock take using bar code reader can be supported to speed up the stock take process. (Requires barcode scanner and software)
• Thin Client/ Browser based access to InfoMaster System (requires appropriate hardware, licenses, third party software and internet connectivity)