Production Costing Benefits

Main Function

Description of Features

Handle production requirements effortlessly by automating repetitive tasks
  • Manage all your Production Orders in real time.
  • Easily print pick list for stock withdrawal.
  • Receive alerts via the pick list for material shortfalls.
  • Automatically allocates raw material stock to the production and reduces its corresponding quantity in the inventory.
  • Supports inclusion of additional or miscellaneous cost to the finished item.
  • Perform automatic receipt of finished item into the inventory.
Maintain production specific Bill of Material InfoCOST allows you to maintain individual Production Bill of Materials (PBOM). Any changes to the PBOM will not affect the standard BOM structure.
Handle raw material short supply or damaged goods easily If raw materials in the PBOM are found to be damaged or in short supply, the Pick List Maintenance option will allow you to perform material replacement or substitution easily. This ensures that the production can still continue if replacement parts are available.
Auto Update Inventory Inventory quantities are automatically updated via the following options:-(1) Raw Materials used are updated via the Pick List Update;
(2) Finished goods produced are updated via Production Receipt Function;
Detailed Onscreen Inquiry Comprehensive on-screen data presentation for macro/micro view of your production start, end, picked and completed quantity. Track the outstanding quantities to be produced and use the information available to measure the production throughput.
Real-time reporting Improve your production management process and customer accounting with functional reporting.
Prevents delay in production caused by insufficient stock Improve your production and inventory management process. Ensure that production starts only when there is sufficient raw material.
Enhanced Inventory Management Integration to inventory module allows viewing of items in production, raw materials allocated and movement tracking of items in and out of the stock for production purposes.
Full Integration to all modules Integration to B.O.M. module allows specification of raw material listing and performing the Material Requirement Simulation (M.R.S.)