Project Costing Features

Main Function

Description of Features

Master - Maintain project details
- Supports Main project with multiple sub projects
- Capture full particulars of project (Budgets, contract sum, projected costs, customer details, project personnel details, billing details, etc)
- Support Project Personnel/ allocation tracking
- User defined cost elements
- Supports up to 9 cost elements and unlimited 2nd level details cost element (by GL Codes)
Transaction - Supports adhoc/ standalone WIP related transactions for cost, labour and provision
- Supports adhoc/ standalone WIP related transactions for sales, deposits, AR Receipts, AP Payments, AR Retention and AP Retention
- Integration to Sales/ Invoicing Module for progress billing
- Integration to Purchase Module for cost capturing and committed purchase tracking
- Integration to Accounts Modules (AR, AP, Cash) for tracking of payments, receipts, reimbursements, claims, etc.
- Billing template for entry of progress bill contents
- Printing of  Progress Bill from Project Module
- Supports immediate realization of sales and cost For other realization methods, please see the Optional section below)
Inquiry - On-line, real-time project information
- Project Summary Inquiry
- Project Detailed Inquiry (Drill down function)
- Project transaction details
Reporting - Project Job Master Listing
- Project transaction audit list
- Project Gross Margin Summary Report (Open/ Close/ Historical Jobs)
- Project Gross Margin Detail Report (Open/ Close/ Historical Jobs)
- Project Variance Report
- Project Sub Contractor cost report
- Project Status Report
- Project Work in Progress (WIP) Report
- Project realize/ unrealized Reports
Optional - Thin client browser based access to InfoMaster System (requires appropriate hardware, licenses, third party software and internet connectivity)
- Supports automatic realization of Cost by percentage of Sales done
- Automatic recurring billing function (for maintenance contract, rental and other types of recurring billing)
- Automatic unearned income computation and update