Purchase Order Features

Main Function

Description of Features

Master • Maintains a complete vendor data base
• Captures the full particulars of the vendor
• Maintains the accrual listings
• Maintains person contact/s of vendors
• Use as sourcing data base when purchasing of goods
• Use as distribution contact when distributing goods
Transaction • Controlling of authorized purchase and receiving of goods
• Online P/O entry and tracking
• Unlimited P/O line entry
• Editing/ cancellation/ Reprinting of P/O and GRN
• Prints Purchase Request and/or Purchase Order
• Batch printing of P/O
• Full or partial goods receipt
• Multiple currency P/O entry and goods receipt
• Retrieves purchase price based on standard price, vendor price or last buy price
• Immediate update of inventory upon goods receipt
• Immediate update of A/P is invoice received
• Immediate update of Cash if payment made
• Immediate goods receipt note creation for items received without P/O
• Automatic accrual if A/P invoice if not received upon GRN
• No duplicate key-punching is required for the supplier’s invoice
Inquiry • Maintains a complete purchase price history
• Use as price comparison for purchasing consideration
• Tracking of un-released purchase order
• Tracking of incomplete purchase order
• Purchase history tracking for this month, year, last year and past year
• To know when, where and how much an item was purchased in case a repeat order is required
• To know the changes in purchase price since the beginning of the same purchase was made
• Late cost warning
• To notify accounts department of possible late cost for accrual to avoid omission of cost at end of financial year when the accrual account is not zerorised
Reporting • Many reports to be printed as and when required
• Purchase backlog, receipt, GRN G/L report, GRN listing, GRN cancelled report, accrual report, purchase history report for current month, year, last year and past year
• Expedite goods receiving to avoid stock-out situation
• Printing by selection criteria
• Full report preview before printing
Optional • Thin client browser based access to InfoMaster System (requires appropriate hardware, licenses, third party software and internet connectivity)