Purchase Order Specialized Features


Description of Features

Immediate Goods Receipt This function caters for purchases which are made without an official Purchase Order. There might be cases where goods are purchased on an ad-hoc basis or using petty cash. This function eliminates the need to create a P/O before the GRN takes place. It allows you to receive the goods immediately with supplier invoice and update the Accounts payable and inventory directly.
Immediate Payment upon Goods Receipt If payment has been made during the GRN data entry, the Bank balance will be updated immediately.

This function is a combination of P/O creation, GRN, A/P invoice and Payment entry. It will greatly enhance productivity and reduce the data entry time for the purchase cycle. The cost of goods and/or freight charges will be accrued if the supplier invoice is not available at the point of entry. Amendments can be made if the the quantity, amount, GST and freight charges are entered incorrectly. GRN will also be printed with system generated or user defined number.

Purchase Accrual Cost of goods and freight will be accrued without GST at the time of GRN or immediate GRN data entry. The GST for goods and freight will be reported only when the supplier invoice is entered via A/P module. This will ensure that the GST is captured accurately. This feature eliminates manual accrual tracking for invoice not yet received.
Accrual Offsetting Accrual can be offset when THE supplier invoice is received via the A/P invoice data entry. The system will display a list of accrual for the desired vendor and allow offsetting of accrual to multiple P/O and/or GRN per supplier invoice. Accrual offsetting can be selected for either goods or freight charge by clicking on a selected radio button. All freight charges accrued will be listed for selection and the freight bill can offset multiple freight accruals for various P/O and/or GRN.
Batch Purchase Order Generation/ Printing This function allows you to print all unprinted Purchase Orders in batch mode. The printing can be done for all or selected vendors.
Purchase Order Edit and Cancellation This function allows you to edit or cancel an order as and when is required. Deleting an existing item or adding new items is allowed. However, if an item has been partially delivered, only the balanced quantity can be removed
Goods Receipt Note (GRN) Edit and Cancellation This function allows you to edit or cancel a GRN within the same month. When the GRN is cancelled, it will be returned to Purchase backlog if it was released from the backlog. Otherwise, the system will generate negative purchase booking transaction to offset the previously generated booking
Voucher Number Generation All transactions such as Purchase Order and GRN will have the Voucher number automatically generated
User Log All transaction entered are logged with the user-ID and the date/time of the data entry done for management review