Sales Order Features

Main Function

Description of Features

Master • Maintains a complete customer data base
• Captures the full particulars of the customer
• Maintains person contact/s of customer
• Use as data base when searching for customers
• Use as potential sales contact when marketing goods and services
Transaction • Controlling of authorized purchase and receiving of goods
• Online S/O, D/O and invoice entry and tracking
• Unlimited S/O, D/O, Invoice line entry
• Editing/ cancellation/ Reprinting of S/O, D/O and Invoice
• Prints Sales Order, Work Order, Loan Order, Proforma Invoice, Commercial Invoice, Finance Invoice, debit note and credit note
• Batch printing of Invoice
• Group printing of invoice (Multiple S/O or D/O in one invoice)
• Full or partial order release
• Multiple currency S/O, D/O and invoice entry and goods release
• Retrieves sales price based on standard price, customer price or last selling price
• Maintain different pricing for different customers
• Immediate update of inventory upon goods issue
• Immediate update of A/R status
• Immediate update of Cash if payment received
• Immediate Invoicing for items sold without S/O
• Supports entry of stock item, non-stocked items and services in the same bill
• Allows item discount, volume discount, and multiple pricing structures
• Warnings issued when insufficient stock, selling price is lower than cost, credit limit exceeded or bad customer
Inquiry • Maintains a complete sales history
• Tracking of backlog, partial release orders and complete invoices
• Performance History shows a summary of sales, backlog, booking and unprinted sales for the month and year
• Sales history tracking for this month, year, last year and past year
• To know who, what, how much and when an item was sold for follow up sales and when a repeat order is required
• To identify key sales accounts and ranking
Reporting • Many reports to be printed as and when required
• Backlog, Sales report, Sales G/L report, Sales Booking, Invoice Pending, Cancelled S/O, Cancelled D/O, Cancelled invoice, sales history report for current month, year, last year and past year
• Inactive, new, blacklisted customer report
• Printing by selection criteria
• Full report preview before printing
Optional • Integration to E-commerce application for online ordering (requires appropriate hardware, third party software and internet connectivity)
• Thin client browser based access to InfoMaster System (requires appropriate hardware, licenses, third party software and internet connecvitity)